Prospective Students

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Prospective Students

Degree Information

1. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

2. At least 30 semester hours of course work to include the thesis or portfolio.

3. Curriculum requirements are:

    a. Core courses (12 hours): CRIM 5010, 5450, 5610, & 5650

    b. Concentration requirements (12 hours):

Law Enforcement: CRIM 5115, 5025, 5045, 5065; Corrections: CRIM 5110, 5035, 5215, 5240;

Juvenile Justice: CRIM 5120, 5055, 5215, and Human Growth and Development
[This course is to be taken in Social Work, Counseling (CON 5331), or Human Sciences (FCSG 5430)]

    c. Other requirements:

        Traditional Option (6 - 9 Hours): CRIM 5620, CRIM 5910 (Required of all

        students with less than one year experience in a Criminal Justice related agency)

        and CRIM 5900 (including an oral defense of the thesis project).

Professional Option (6 hours): CRIM 5910, an Elective (Required of students in the professional option who are exempt from taking CRIM 5910 and/or CRIM 5920 (including an oral defense of the portfolio).

Traditional Track Plan of Study

Professional Track Plan of Study