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Hospitality and Tourism Academic Plan
Program Description
The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Hospitality and Tourism Administration is a 128-semester-hour professional management program. Students receiving the hospitality and tourism degree earn 23 semester hours in the business curriculum. The degree prepares graduates to become hospitality professionals who possess the knowledge, managerial skills and competencies to obtain entry-level management positions and assume leadership roles in various aspects of this global industry. The job placement rate of graduates varies from 97 to 100 percent each academic year. Graduates of the program are employed in lodging, food and beverage service, convention and visitors bureaus, event management, resorts, conference centers, cruise lines and airlines. The program’s mission is to empower a global and diverse population of students for leadership and professional roles within the hospitality and tourism industry, through academic excellence, community service, and industry work experience
Freshman Fall Freshman Spring
Dept Id Title Credits
ENG 1110 English Composition I 3
HADM 1000 Introduction to Hospitality Management 3
HUSC 1521 Dimensions of Learning: College Beyond 2
MATH 1100 College Algebra Trigonometry I 3
MFL GEC Foreign Language III 3
MGT 1100 Professional Development I 1
PEDU 1541 Fitness 2
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
CIS 2400 Fundamentals of Information Systems 3
ENG 1210 English Composition II 3
HADM 1100 Lodging Management and Operations 3
HEDU 1531 Health 2
HUM Arts and Humanities I 3
HUM Arts and Humanities II 3
MATH 1210 Finite Mathematics 3
Semester Credits:
Sophomore Fall Sophomore Spring
Dept Id Title Credits
ACCT 2400 Principles of Accounting I 3
ECON 2300 Principles of Microeconomics 3
HADM 2000 Introduction to Travel and Tourism 3
HIST 1320 World Soc. 3
MGT 2100 Professional Development II 2
SCI Science 3
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
ACCT 2500 Principles of Accounting II 3
ECON 2200 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
HUM GEC Requirement 3
MATH 2000 Calculus for Non-Sci Majors 3
SOCI 2000 Society Human Behavior 3
Semester Credits:
Junior Fall Junior Spring
Dept Id Title Credits
DSC 2010 Elementary Statistics 3
HADM 3000 Procurement in Lodging Facilities and Food and Bev 3
HADM 3010 Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Control 3
HADM 3410 Meetings and Convention Management 3
MGT 3000 Organization and Management 3
SCI Science 3
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
DSC 3300 Decision Sciences 3
FIN 3200 Principles of Finance 3
HADM 3800 Human Resources Management 3
MGT 3100 Professional Development III 2
MKT 3210 Principles of Marketing 3
Semester Credits:
Senior Fall Senior Spring
Dept Id Title Credits
HADM 3020 Food and Beverage Production 3
HADM 4700 Hospitality Facilities Management 3
HADM Elective 3
HADM Elective 3
MGT 4100 Professional Development IV 2
Semester Credits:
Dept Id Title Credits
HADM 4300 Hospitality Law and Ethics 2
HADM 4500 Food Service Production and Operations 3
HADM 4600 Hospitality and Tourism Seminar 3
HADM 4900 Hospitality and Tourism Internship 3-5
MGT 4740 Strategic Management 3
Semester Credits:
Estimated Minimum Required Credits: 124
DISCLAIMER: The information displayed on this page is only intended for use as a suggested guideline. For official graduation requirements and other binding curriculum information, please contact the appropriate faculty academic advisor.