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John Archer

Degree: MBA
Class: 2011
Focus: Management
Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Undergraduate Degree: B.S., Human and Organizational Development
Hometown: Houston, TX, USA


“I have a personal relationship with each of my professors. If I see them walking down the street 5 years from now, they are still going to know who I am and genuinely want to know how I am doing and if I am fully utilizing what I learned.”

I chose to pursue an MBA because I wanted to advance my career into management and needed to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to do so.  The NCCU MBA was attractive because the program offered evening classes and had an environment that was conducive to my learning style.

During my time in the program, I discovered that I have the skills necessary to produce exceptional results not only in the classroom but also in any working environment.  One of the greatest lessons I learned while attending NCCU is to think dynamically, strategically, and critically.  I learned this through hands-on group projects, where I discovered that sometimes thinking outside the box and considering more than one way to solve a problem is essential to success.  Now that I have graduated from the program, I plan to use my NCCU MBA to secure a management position and, one day, run my own company.

I would tell anyone who is thinking about earning an MBA to strongly consider the NCCU MBA program.  It is a smart move especially since the class sizes are small.  This means the professors can and do take a very strong interest in making sure that each and every student maximizes his or her learning potential, and fully understands the concepts and lessons being taught.

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