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Program Overview

Ifeoma Henry-Ajudua

Degree: MBA/MIS
Class: 2013
Focus: Information Systems
Undergraduate Institution: University College of London (UK)
Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria


I was impressed by the small class size - the fact that all my professors knew me by my name and were always willing to help me improve my weaknesses to capitalize on my strengths.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I enrolled in a Masters in Chemical Engineering program. While in the first semester, I realized I did not want my career to be confined to a laboratory. I decided an MBA would open up more prospects for me, be it in Business or Engineering. Thus, pursuing an MBA was a strategic career move.

Being new in the United States, I chose NCCU MBA because it was an opportunity for a top-notch education at a fantastic value, while giving me the chance to be part of a great historically black university. During my time in the program, I have learned that no matter how strong you are in one area you have to be very diverse in your skill set. The key is to turn your weaknesses into your best strengths so you have a better chance of surviving, especially in this current job market. That being said, NCCU MBA has impressed upon me that there is no end to learning and improving yourself.  The program prepares you for the future.

The career possibilities for an MBA degree are endless.  I intend to apply my NCCU MBA in a corporation where I can use both my graduate (Business) and undergraduate (Chemical Engineering) degrees. Even while in school, NCCU MBA is preparing me for that future.  During summer 2011, I was a fellow for the Environmental Defense Fund and had the opportunity to do work that combined both my engineering and MBA degrees. It felt good to see my goals coming together, and the NCCU MBA program is making that possible.

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