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Our People

Lab technicians

We’ve gathered top scientists, researchers and educators from all over the world to shape and guide the next generation of successful biotech leaders. Each member of our faculty holds a Ph.D. and, collectively they have nearly 100 years of industry experience.

Our dedication to hiring only the finest people also extends to BRITE’s support staff. Our postdoctoral fellows are committed to assisting faculty with research while preparing for their own careers. BRITE’s industry relations, marketing, and recruitment staff are essential in the development of critical partnerships and assisting students in planning their career paths. Our administrative staff is key to maintaining BRITE’s highly organized and efficient workplace.


Research Scientists / Instructors

  • Audrey Adcock - Senior Scientist
  • Brent Caligan - Automation Specialist
  • Catherine Wooten - Research Specialist
  • Chiu Yueh Hung - Senior Scientist
  • David Lamson - Senior Scientist
  • Ginger Smith - Senior Scientist
  • Nailya Gilyazova – Senior Scientist
  • Quinping He - Research Scientist
  • Srinivasa Dandepally, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist
  • Mary Zimmerman - Core Facility Manager

Academic Advising, Recruitment, and Career Placement

  • Natacha Janvier-Derilus – Academic Advisor/Recruiter
  • Cassandra F. Brown - Career Placement Advisor

Administrative Staff

  • Kai Ding - Research Operations Manager
  • Lemile "Vince" Chandler - Business Service Coordinator
  • Stephanie Cooper - Administrative Support Specialist
  • Wallace M. Cooper - Business Officer
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