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The International Festival

Each year the Modern Foreign Language Department organizes this multi-event celebration that showcases music, dance and food from countries of Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia.  It is an opportunity for students, faculty and administrators to interact with members of the community and share in the rich, cultural diversity of peoples from distant and nearby places.

Poster woman wreath Wreath Dance
Spanish Club dance with wreath Guitar Player
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Spanish Club

NCCU’s Spanish club, called Voces Unidas, engages students in learning Hispanic culture through a variety of events such as Salsa and Merengue dance lessons, Spanish language theater productions put on by NCCU students.  The club has also tapped into the talents of the Hispanic community whose artistic performances enhance annual events such as the International Festival.

Voces Unidas Coffee Culture Festival  miel

French/German Club

Our French and German students often collaborate to sponsor a diverse range of activities that bring out the authentic culture of the peoples who speak these languages.  Whether it is a film about a French-speaking African nation, the German Oktoberfest or the French Mardi Gras, the French/German club is composed of a dynamic group of individuals whose commitment and energy bring recognition to the Modern Foreign Language Department.  The club is currently producing a bilingual (German/English) CD on the African Diaspora in Germany.  It has also collaborated with Sister Cities International, an organization in Raleigh that sponsors reciprocal partnerships and internships in business, education, sports, and the arts between the U.S. and Europe.

Mardi Gras femmes The NCCU French Club
Le Monde Francophone

Other Events

In addition our clubs and festivals, the Modern Foreign Language Department reaches beyond its traditional confines by sponsoring and presenting events that integrate it into other programs at NCCU such as History, Performing Arts and Global Studies.  

Candombe Poster Dia de los muertos
Luz, Camara, Accion Film Fest