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Modern Foreign Languages

French Restaurant The mission of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages, as a component of the College of Arts and Sciences at North Carolina Central University, is to provide students with opportunities to pursue challenging studies in a variety of languages, literatures and cultures. Our faculty of diverse nationalities ” many of whom are native speakers ” are scholars in areas of pedagogy, literature and culture that cover a vast geographical extension. Their teaching and expertise in a wide array of topics, approaches, historical periods and philosophical orientations infuse global perspectives into the curriculum and create experiential learning and stimulate students to become active participants in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world. We feel it is imperative to educate students to embrace their roles and responsibilities as global citizens and acquire the ability to understand both world and local events from multiple perspectives.

Teotihuacan Beyond the intrinsic value of acquiring a second or third language, the Department believes in and promotes the applicability of foreign language study by matching course offerings with student career objectives and growing labor force needs. Therefore, we are presently broadening our mission to include additional opportunities in applied language acquisition and international studies. Innovative techniques and strategies are highly emphasized and enhanced by modern technology used in our "smart classrooms." In order to compliment and strengthen the academic experience, students can participate in a variety of events such as Foreign Language Clubs, Foreign Film Festivals, Study Abroad and other cultural activities where people and language interact. At NCCU students can major in French and Spanish (with or without licensure) or pursue an interdisciplinary minor in French, Spanish or German. We are also looking into future possibilities of teaching other languages like Arabic because of their increasing international significance.

German Futuristic Car German poet, playwright, novelist and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe expressed it best when he said, "He who does not know foreign languages does not know anything about his own."