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History MA Degree Program

Curriculum Requirements

  1. Completion of 33 to 36 ( including up to six thesis hours) with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  2. Required major courses:
    • a. HISG 5000 (must be taken in first year of graduate study)
    • b. One seminar course chosen from HISG 5010, 5020, 5040, 5050.
    • c. Completion of the following:
      • A minimum of 21 hours of history in a major area and a minimum of 9 hours of an internal minor of history related to the major area.
      • A minimum of 21 hours of history in a major area and 9 hours of an external minor in any department that offers a graduate degree.
  3. Successful completion of a reading proficiency examination in a foreign language or completion of a computer language course.
  4. Successful completion of a comprehensive written examination.
  5. Successful completion of a research thesis with up to 6 hours credit (HISG 5900), including passing an oral examination.

Academic Plan

Year 1 Fall

Year 1 Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
HISG 5000 Hist. Method and Bibliography 3
HISG 5020 Sem. in U.S. Hist. 3
HISG 5100 Ind. Readings in Euro. Hist. 3
Semester Credits: 9
Dept Id Title Credits
HISG 5210 U.S. Hist.: Colonial Period to the Age of Jackson 3
HISG 5220 U.S. Hist.: Age of Jackson to 1900 3
HISG 5230 U.S. Since 1900 3
Semester Credits: 9

Year 1 Summer


Dept Id Title Credits
PROG 5RRR/5PPP Graduate Research/Project 3
Semester Credits: 3

Also: Qualifying Examination/Admission to Candidacy


Year 2 Fall

Year 2 Spring

Dept Id Title Credits
HISG 5400 Ind. Readings in Afric. Hist. 3
HISG 5510 Topics Afric. Amerc. Hist. to 1865 3
HISG 5520 Topics Afric. Amerc. Hist. Since 1865 3
Semester Credits: 9

Also: Approval of Thesis Plan or Project Plan

Dept Id Title Credits
HISG 5900 Thesis 3
- or -
HISG 5900 Project 3
Semester Credits: 3

Also: Thesis Defense or Project Defense

Year 2 Summer, Year 3 Fall, and Year 3 Spring

(As Needed)
Disclaimer: The information displayed on this page is only intended for use as a suggested guideline. For official graduation requirements and other binding curriculum information, please contact the appropriate faculty academic advisor.
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