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NCCU Faculty Member to Present at AAG Conference

NCCU Assistant Professor Timothy Mulrooney will be presenting at the annual AAG (Association of American Geographers) Conference being held in New York City from February 24 – 28, 2012.  This is the largest geography conference in the world.  The title of his paper is “Using GIS to Addresss Food Availability in Durham, North Carolina” that he co-wrote with NCCU Assistant Professor Garrett Love and DEEGS Graduate Student LaDonna Brown.  Their paper focuses on the availability of fresh food to urban Durham and the disproportionate accessibility of this fresh food to communities with compromised individualized mobility.  GIS mapping showed that ‘food deserts’ do in fact exist in Durham and that low-income communities have more limited access to fresh food than other communities.   However, low-income communities have inordinately high access to convenience stores that was measured with much greater statistical significance than supermarket accessibility.  In remediating these problems, spatial analysis was used to determine that a supermarket placed in downtown Durhamwould decrease the number of people living in a food desert from almost 24,800 people down to 13,500 people.  Dr. Mulrooney looks forward to showcasing the great things that NCCU has to offer and types of work that is being done at NCCU.