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Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences
DEEGS Student Rebekah Mixon works in the Sierras during the her summer internship
DEEGS Undergraduate Student Talks about Summer Internship

DEEGS Undergraduate student Rebekah Mixon completed an internship at the University of Nevada – Reno.  During her internship at UNR, she worked mostly alongside a graduate student that was doing her own choice of research she wanted to study. The graduate student and Rebekah were studying the dying rate of the Red Fir tree. She learned that because of global warming and so many changes in climate that the Sierra experiences, these trees are very sensitive to the change and end up dying. On their outing trips into the field they hiked through the mountains to reach the different planting sites for where the graduate student had planted Red Fir seeds before the last winter. They recorded what seeds had sprouted and which ones were not visible; or as she explained it, “were eaten by squirrels. They also checked the soil moisture of each location and recorded our findings. Rebekah had a really fun and insightful time during this internship and would greatly recommend the experience to anyone that enjoys the outdoors or even just new experiences.