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Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences
DEEGS Faculty Highlighted in Local Journal

2 current DEEGS Faculty members and 1 former DEEGS faculty member had their research published in the latest edition of the North Carolina Geographer.  Associate Professor Gordana Vlahovic, along with former faculty member Rakesh Malhotra (now at Fayetteville State University) published their work entitled “The ESRI Site License Program – Enhancing Geospatial Education at North Carolina Central University.”  NCCU is part of UNC system wide ESRI Site License Program (SLP).  ESRI is the  manufacturer of the Geographic Information System (GIS) software that is used at NCCU and other UNC universities.  GIS allows users to perform spatial analysis and create maps, and has applications across many disciplines offered at NCCU.  Through the SLP, students have access to online training, workshops and education versions of the ESRI software.  It has given DEEGS and non-DEEGS students flexibility to help gain the technical skills necessary to be successful in today’s competitive workforce.

DEEGS Assistant Professor Timothy Mulrooney published an article entitled “An Assessment of Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source in North Carolina:  A GIS Approach.”  There are increased economic and political costs of conventional forms of energy such as gas and coal.  In order to potentially alleviate demand for this non-renewable resource, he looked at places in North Carolina which could support large scale wind harnessing facilities.  He used GIS analysis to show that places in the mountains, as well as many near the coasts could support large scale wind harnessing operations.  However, many other issues need to be addressed in order to make that a reality.    

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