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Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences
2010 DEEGS Graduate Rebecca Ferres talks about her work with the city of Raleigh
DEEGS Master's Student talks about his GIS work with the city of Durham
Kristin Johnston talks about using GIS for Crime Analysis

In recognition of Geography Awarenesss Week, the DEEGS at NCCU hosted GIS Day on Wednesday, November 16th.  Carl Stearns, a current DEEGS Graduate Student and GIS Analyst for the City of Durham, talked about his work in using GIS to manage city utilities such as fire hydrants and sewers.  He talked to students about skills and salaries that someone in his positions should expect and expect to have.  Next up was Kristin Johnston who talked about crime analysis for the areas surrounding UNC-Greensboro.  The campus was looking to expand.  Her work explored how this expansion may affect crime.  Rebecca Ferres, a 2010 DEEGS Master's graduate talked about using GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to track the movement of stormwater in Raleigh's sewers.  Garrett Love, an Assistant Professor in the DEEGS talked about how he uses GIS as an effective problem solving tool.  He showed some recent student research projects.  They ranged from hurricane evacuation routes in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica to looking at impervious land cover change in Raleigh and its affect on erosion.  This was actually Rebecca's Master's thesis.  Lastly, DEEGS undergraduate students Amenhotep Myers and Steidrick Baker talked about their summer internship experiences.  There were more than 85 attendees at all of the sessions.  Thank you to all speakers for showing our students various opportunities in the geospatial technologies and the professional skills required to be successful in today's workforce.