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Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Sciences
James Azarelo talks about using GIS in stormwater mapping in the City of Durham

The DEEGS hosted GIS Day on Wednesday, November 14, 2012.  5 different speakers came to talk about how they have used GIS in their research and jobs.  DEEGS Assistant Professor talked about using GIS to explore various dimensions of health geography.  He talked about his project on ‘food deserts’ with DEEGS faculty member Garrett Love, as well as his work with a former student on premature heart disease deaths.  Current DEEGS undergraduate students Joseph Roberts and Kenneth Degraffenreid talked about their internship experiences.  Joseph works at UNC-Chapel Hill on floodplain mapping while Ken worked with the USDA in Raleigh.  Madeleine Carey from the City of Greensboro talked about using her skills in GIS and Geography in mapping trails and greenways in Greensboro.  You can see some of her handiwork at  Lastly, former DEEGS Master’s student James Azarelo talked about using GIS to track stormwater in Durham.  We learned many interesting facts about the state of water in Durham, where our water comes from and where our water goes after we use it.  GIS was used to track where dangerous materials may go into our streams and ways to track potential problems within the 2 systems used to convey stormwater.  For short videos from today’s activities, please see the DEEGS YouTube page at --> DEEG Happenings.