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Faculty & Student Research

The academic activities in the DEEGS are devoted to both Teaching and Research.  Students in our programs have a wide variety of interests and skill-sets that lead to further graduate study or work in the profession arena.  Below are some of the work created by our faculty and students.

Faculty Research

Dr. Gordana Vlahovic's primary research interests are in the area of seismotectonics and geohazards. She has worked extensively on the imaging of the intraplate seismic zones in North America by using tomography and potential field methods. Her secondary research interest is in geoscience education. For more information on current research results and publications as well as the list of collaborators please visit NCCU Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology web page:  http://www.nccu.edu/academics/institutesandcenters/crest/research/geophysicalModeling/index.cfm

Dr. Timothy Mulrooney is an Assistant Professor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  His Ph.D. dissertation focused on the assessment of GIS metadata for large spatial databases within the open programming source environment using languages such as Perl, PHP and R.  He has a vested interest in all forms of GIS, including GIS data standards, GIS education and subject areas in which GIS can be applied at the college and high school level.  He sees GIS as a powerful tool to bridge social science research with STEM disciplines and feels that GIS is an effective technical skill that can set job applicants apart from those who do not have these skills.  Some of his recent research includes:

Student Research

Sanja Knezevic Antonijevic

Joseph Roberts, B.S. Geography, 2012, Poster Presentation

Erik Green, M.S. Student, 2012, Poster Presentation

Jubril Davies, M.S, 2012, Thesis

  • Application of Monte Carlo Inversion Techniques to Geophysical Datasets

Sanja Knezevic Antonijevic, M.S. 2012, Thesis

  • Analysis of November 3, 2010 Kraljevo Earthquake (MW=5.4) and its Aftershock Sequence

Nelson Holden, B.S. Geography, 2011, Poster Presentation

Yonas Birhanemeskel, M.S. Earth Science, 2011, Thesis

  • Development of a GIS Database for the New Madrid Seismic Zone

Motunrayo Akinpelu, M.S. Earth Science, 2011, Thesis

Frederick Ayivi, M.S. Earth Science, 2011, Thesis

  • Analysis of Land Change Detection Techniques Applied to High Resolution Satellite Imagery of Raleigh, North Carolina [link to poster version]

Matthew Nanney, M.S. Earth Science, 2011, Thesis

Taihisa Hill, 2008, Thesis

  • Using GIS to Delineate Flood Evacuation Routes for Dominica, West Indies

Candice Morrison, 2008, Thesis

  • The Analysis of Selected Pyrethroid Pesticides In an Environmental Sample using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Diode Array Detection (HPLC-DAD) With Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) Verification: A Post-Column Derivatization Approach

James Trice, III, 2007, Thesis

  • A Geographic Information Science (GISci) Approach to Evaluating Airboat Use in the Florida Everglades

Tamara Spivey, 2007, Thesis

  • Wheelchair Navigation System Using the GIS Cost Distance Pathway Approach

Peter N. Muriuki, 2007, Thesis

  • An Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility Factors in The Mountains of NC

Raymond Robinson, 2006, Thesis

  • Examining the Principle Differences and Similarities Of Mobility Between Commuter and Residential Students at North Carolina Central University

Kibri E. Hutchinson, 2006, Thesis

  • Using GIS to Assess the Vulnerability of Eastern North Carolina Residents to a Major Hurricane

Aziz Carrell, 2006, Thesis

  • An assessment of the Deforestation Process in the Munessa-Shashemane Forest of Ethiopia:  A GIS and Remote Sensing Approach

Cha’ssem S. Anderson, 2006, Thesis

  • Bus and Bus Stop Designs Related to Perceptions Of Crime in the Triangle

Willie Woodard, 2005, Thesis

  • The Implementation of Geographic Information Systems in the Public Schools To Evaluate School District End of Grad Test Median Income

Porche L. Spence, 2003, Thesis

  • An Evaluation of Fecal Coliform Concentrations Upstream and Downstream From The Irwin Creek and Sugar Creek Waste Water Treatment Plants Located in South Central Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, 1998-2001

Reginal D. Daye, 2002, Thesis

  • Using Geographic Information Systems to Aid in Cancer Cluster Determinations

Nathanel M. Dumas, 2002, Thesis

  • An Analysis of City and County Land Parcel Assessments:  A Case Study to Create a Parcel District Map for Durham, North Carolina

Thomas I. Parrish, IV, 2000, Thesis

  • Js GIS:  An Experiment In Multi-Platformed GIS

Bettina D. Brinkley, 1999, Thesis

  • GIS Internship at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Cato DeVane, 1999, Thesis

  • An Analysis of Nitrogen and Ozone Concentrations in the Charlotte, North Carolina Region

David Kearny, 1998, Thesis

  • An Assessment of Durham County’s Water Flushing Progress
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