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Biology - Faculty Research Interests
Emmanuel Awumey's photos
Emmanuel M Awumey
Assistant Professor

(919) 530-7644

Research Interest - Cardiovascular: characterization and signal transduction mechanism of the sensory nerve calcium sensing receptor

Antonio Baines's photos
Antonio T Baines
Assistant Professor

(919) 530-6542

Research Interest - Cancer: identifying and validating molecular targets in pancreatic cancer; signal transduction

Xiaoxin Chen's photos
Xiaoxin Chen
Associate Professor

(919) 530-6425

Research Interest - Cancer: mechanism and prevention of oral and esophageal cancer

John Clamp's photo
John C Clamp

(919) 530-6395

Research Interest - Protozoology: systematics, ecology, reproduction and functional morphology of peritrich ciliates

Gregory Cole's photo
Gregory J Cole
Professor and Chair

(919) 530-6034

PhD Florida State University 1982
BA State University of New York, Plattsburgh 1976
Research Interest - Neuroscience: developmental neurobiology; effects of ethanol exposure on central nervous system development

Jodie Fleming's photo
Jodie M Fleming
Assistant Professor

(919) 530-6216

Laboratory Website:

PhD Rutgers University 2006
BS University of Delaware 2000
Research Interest - Cancer: health disparities of breast cancer, with a focus on molecular mechanisms underlying health disparities in this cancer

Delores Grant's photo
Delores J Grant
Associate Professor

(919) 530-7018

Research Interest - Molecular genetics: effect of single-nucleotide polymorphisms on gene expression

Wendy Heck-Grillo's photo
Wendy Heck-Grillo
Assistant Professor

(919) 530-7063

PhD University of Louisville 2000
Research Interest - Undergraduate Science Education: student attitudes and motivation ; student assessment and student learning outcomes

Gail Hollowell's photo
Gail P Hollowell
Associate Professor

(919) 530-6403

PhD Howard University 1998
MS Howard University 1996
BS North Carolina Central University 1990
Research Interest - Undergraduate Science Education: increasing more competitive students for graduate and professional schools and STEM careers

Ju-ahng Lee's photos
Ju-ahng Lee
Assistant Professor

(919) 530-7003

Research Interest - Neuroscience: genetic understanding of the nervous system; neurodegenerative diseases; effects of ethanol exposure on microglia and development

TinChung Leung's photos
TinChung Leung
Assistant Professor

(704) 250-5728

Research Interest - Nutrition: using zebrafish as a vertebrate model system to study angiogenesis; studying the potential of chemical modulators to suppress cardiovascular diseases and to combat cancer

Mildred Pointer's photo
Mildred A Pointer
Associate Professor

(919) 530-7016

Post doctorate in Renal Micropuncture Unit at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine 1983-1986

Post-doctorate in Division of Vascular Medicine at Brigham and WomenÂ’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School 1986-1988.

PhD Wake Forest University 1983
BS North Carolina Central University 1974
Research Interest - Physiology: hypertension, end-stage renal disease

Micheler Richardson's photo
Micheler R Richardson
Director of Cancer Program

(919) 530-6421

Dr. Richardson is a Professor of Biology and the Director of Cancer Research Program, JLC-BBRI at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina. He served on the faculty of Duke University Medical Center for ten years, and then moved to Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee, where he became the Henry A. Moses Associate Professor of Biochemistry for two years. Dr. Richardson earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in biology from the Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona, Spain, and... (read more)

Research Interest - Cancer: chemoattractants, chemokine receptors

Catherine Key's photo
Catherine S Key
Assistant Professor

(919) 530-5365

Dr. Cathy Silver Key hails from the Mid-west: born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She received the Muriel E. Babcock Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Biological Sciences upon graduating magna cum laude with her B.S. in 1988. She worked for 1 year as a research technician at Washington University in St. Louis on the Human Genome Project before moving to North Carolina to pursue her Ph.D. in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at UNC-Chapel Hill. Upon completing her Ph.D. in 1997,... (read more)

PhD University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1997
BS University of Missouri St. Louis 1988
Research Interest - Developmental Biology: cell-cycle regulatory genes; DNA damage and ubiquitin pathway defects in Drosophila

Daniel Williams's photos
Daniel Williams
Associate Professor

(919) 530-6541

Research Interest - Microbiology: infectious disease, host-pathogen interaction, mechanism of antibiotic resistance

ClarLynda Williams-DeVane's photos
ClarLynda R Williams-DeVane
Assistant Professor

(919) 530-7032

Research Interest - Bioinformatics: management and analysis of multiple domain cardio-metabolic and cancer health disparity data

Xiaohe Yang's photos
Xiaohe Yang
Associate Professor

(704) 250-5726

Research Interest - Cancer and Nutrition: modulation of ER-­erbB-­2 crosstalk in breast carcinogenesis and prevention; In utero exposures to bioactive factors and breast cancer risk in later life