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WALB News Feature

Mr. Art Beeler, a trainer  for The Institute for Homeland Security and Workforce Development was featured on WALB news. 

WALB news reports...

Homeland Security trainers say gangs and hate and terror groups are recruiting new members in rural jails and prisons.

Monday the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office hosted detention officers from across South Georgia for a training session to know how to spot and prevent what federal officials call threat group recruitment and radicalization.

Trainer Art Beeler said  "In the metropolitan areas everybody thinks that the gang problems are all related to the L.A.'s, Chicagos, and New Yorks. Well, gang members know that's what's thought of too, and gang memberships are moving out to the rural communities."

Trainers say budget cutbacks at jails and prisons hurt the fight against these threat groups.

Detention officers were taught ways to spot threat groups and methods to try to stop them.


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