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Resources and Partners
  • Mr. Stephen Miller, Retired Military Intelligence Officer & Joint Terrorism Task Force Member (Adjunct Professor)
  • Mr. Robert Gattison, Customs/ICE SAC, Retired (Adjunct Professor)
  • Mr. Matthew Hamidullah, Federal Prisons Warden, Retired (Adjunct Professor)
  • Mr. Arthur Beeler, Federal Prisons Warden, Retired (Adjunct Professor)
  • Mr. Larry Perkins, Assistant General Manager RBC Center, Crowd Control Expert, Serves on (DHS Committee)
  • Mr. James Pridgen, Director - Global Executive Protection and Risk Mitigation,Cummins Inc. (Serves on DHS Committee)
  • Dr. Roxane Cohen Silver, Dept. of Psychology and Social Behavior, University of California, Irvine (Serves on DHS Committee)
  • Dr. Mengie Parker, NCCU Department of Public Administration, National Gang Expert
  • Dr. Lahoma Romocki, NCCU School of Public Health
  • Dr. Branislov Vlohovic, NCCU College of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Ravanasamudram N Uma, NCCU  Department of Math & Computer Science
  • Dr. Dana Greene, NCCU Department of Sociology
  • Attorney William Nicholson,  NCCU Department of Criminal Justice, Emergency Management Legal Issues
  • Dr. Deborah Fortune, Assistant Professor, NCCU Department of Public Health Education
  • Dr. Thomas Cadwallader, Assistant Professor, NCCU Department of Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Deborah Swain, Interim Associate Dean, NCCU School of Library and Information Science
  • Dr. Laura Myers, Professor of Criminal Justice and Emergency Management, Department of Applied Criminology, Western Carolina University