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Developing R.D.P.C. Courses

Courses Currently Under Development for the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium

  1.  Planning and Intervention for Gang, Hate Groups, and Terrorist Recruitment in Rural Jails and Prisons
  2. The purpose of this course is to mitigate the imminent threat of terrorist group recruitment in rural prisons and jails by identifying threats, gathering and analyzing information on recruitment activities, and effectively sharing actionable assessments with local, state, and Federal agencies.
  3. Mobilizing Faith-Based Community Organizations in Preparing for Disaster
    This course is intended to train first responder managers and faith-based organization representatives in how to effectively mobilize and engage members of their churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques, etc., in emergency planning, response and recovery.
  4.  Community Threat Group Identification and Assessment for Rural Law Enforcement Officers
    The goal of this course is to increase the effective identification and reporting of activities subversive to the interest of national security. This goal will be achieved by creating a standardized protocol for assessing and identifying subversive activities in rural locations that can be forwarded to the proper state or federal agencies for additional investigation.

The Department of Criminal Justice Lecture Series

The IHSWD sponsored speakers for the Department of Criminal Justice Lecture Series. Speakers have included NC Crime Control and Public Safety Secretary Reuben Young; NC Congressman David Price and North Carolina Division of Emergency Management Assistant Director for Recovery Operations Emily Young. The Fall 2011scheduled speaker is North Carolina Department of Correction Division of Community Corrections- Security Threat Group Intelligence Officer/ Surveillance Officer and Community Threat Group Instructor, Robert Fountain.