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August 2009 - Slaus

NCCU CREST Seminar Series

Dr. Ivo Slaus

Few Body Research After 50 Years

     The International Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics FB9 will be held this month in Bonn 50 years after the first conference on nuclear forces held in London in 1959. This series of conferences has been restarted in 1967 by the conference in Brela. We will discuss why did it all start, the paradigmatic changes in the nucleon-nucleon interaction and in three nucleon studies, the evidence for the three nucleon forces, symmetries and the experimental data not compatible with the current theories. Special emphasis will be given to technological development that enabled the progress in few-body research. The talk concludes with the discussion of challenges facing few-body research.

Thursday, August 20, 2009
4:00 pm
Room 1229, Mary Towns Science Building