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April 2012 - Shahbazyan

NCCU CREST presents

CREST- Computational Center for Fundamental and Applied Science and Education and NASA URC – Center for Aerospace Device Research and Education


Tigran V. Shahbazyan

Jackson State University, Jackson, MS

In this talk, I will address coherent effects in resonant tunneling of an electron through systems of quantum dots (QD) sandwiched between modulation-doped semiconductor leads. The interference between different tunneling paths provided by a QD system can lead to striking features in tunneling current. Some of the coherent effects in electron transport can be best understood in optical terms, while some are useful in interpreting optical phenomena. I will discuss the Dicke effect in resonant tunneling through a pair of QDs independently connected to the leads, and electron transmission through periodic QD arrays.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Room 1229, Mary Towns Science Building
3:00 pm

For addition information contact Dr. I. Bondarev ( 919-530-6623).