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October 2011 - Gurzadyan

NCCU CREST presents

CREST- Computational Center for Fundamental and Applied Science and Education and NASA URC – Center for Aerospace Device Research and Education

Degree of randomness in cosmological signals

Vahe Gurzadyan

Center for Cosmology and Astrophysics, Alikhanian Nationallaboratory, Armenia

Astrophysical and cosmological signals such as the cosmic microwave background radiation, asobserved, typically contain contributions of different components, and their statistical propertiescan be used to distinguish one from the other. A method involved for the study of astrophysical signals of randomness of various degrees will be described. Performed numerical experiments based on the universality of Kolmogorov distribution and using a single scaling of the ratio of stochastic to regular components, reveal basic features in the behavior of generated signals also in terms of a critical value for that ratio, and thus enable the application of the technique to various observational datasets. The observability aspects of the conformal cyclic cosmology will be discussed as well.

Wednesday October 26, 2011
Room 1229, Mary Towns Science Building
3:00 pm

For addition information contact Dr. I. Bondarev ( 919-530-6623).