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January 2010 - Akushevich

NCCU CREST presents

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BBRI Cancer Program

Analysis and Modeling of the Short- and Long-Term Health Effects in Human PopulationsChronically Exposed to Ionizing Radiation


Dr. Igor Akushevich,

Duke University, Center for Population Health and Aging

Recent experimental results on animals and human studies show the relations between the riskof development of long-term carcinogenic effects and individual patterns of short-term effectsat chronic exposure to ionizing radiation. We investigate the effect using a newly developedmodel which describes the dynamics of two interrelated components: i) the model ofhematopoiesis that dynamically relates the hematopoietic stem cell compartment to all lines ofperipheral blood cells and ii) mechanistic model of carcinogenesis based on the concept ofbreaking cellular barrier mechanisms. Described and discussed will be recent results obtainedby applying the model to the data collected for large human cohorts chronically exposed toionizing radiation.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Auditorium, BBRI3:00 p.m.Refreshment will be provided at 2:30 - 3:00 p.m.

For addition information contact: Dr. Ricardo Richardson, ( 919-530-6421) orDr. Branislav Vlahovic ( 919-530-7253).