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Physics: Polarimeter

Development of the polarimeter for gamma radiation for astrophysical applications, to measure polarization of high energy gamma-rays coming from the stars for a NASA astrophysical program [ ].  This project has strong intellectual ties with the project on development of the polarimeter for JLab, each of which builds upon our team’s original concepts and world class expertise in computational science and physics. Preliminary Monte Carlo simulations indicate that the new approach in triple electron production that we are proposing to reduce noise will lead to significant increase in analyzing power.


B. Wojtsekhowski and B. Vlahovic already developed a high energy photon polarimeter which was successfully implemented at Jefferson National Laboratory nuclear experiments. That polarimeter has the highest analyzing power ever achieved for the energies of few MeV up to few GeV.i The concept of the polarimeter and the theoretical work is shown in our NIM paper.

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Objective for this project is to perform calculations that will be base for a NASA proposal on improvement of data acquisition and analysis for the existing high-energy linearly polarized photon polarimeters for astrophysics applications and for development of two new prototypes that will have an analyzing power and efficiency of 10% for E up to 250 MeV; one based on pair production on the nucleus and another on triplet production on electrons.

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B. Vlahovic, NCCU Physics

B. Crowe, NCCU Physics

B. Wojtsekhowski, JLab

S. Hunter, NASA Goddard.