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Bioinformatics: Activities

Biology department - The development of a bioinformatics curriculum, with the focus on structural bioinformatics and the study of the dynamic nature of macromolecules. The molecular mechanisms of G-protein activation induced from G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) conformational changes upon ligand binding  has been already initiated in biology department and JLC-Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute (JLC-BBRI). Currently, GPCRs are known to be the most important drug targets.   It is a common practice in computational biology to include explicit solvents, the lipid bi-layer, and counter-ions for studying this complex system by using the molecular dynamic (MD) simulation approach.  However, MD simulations of complex biological systems, such as GPCR/G-protein interaction, are computationally highly demanding. The significant enhancement of the computational aspect of this program would be highly beneficial not only to JLC-BBRI for the study of high-order protein structures and functions by simulating the protein dynamic processes, but also to BRITE projects related to these research.