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Quantum Dots Activities
The goal of this subproject is to develop an efficient method to simulate the properties of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) with explicit consideration of size, shape, substrate, strain and compositional distribution. We have extended our earlier studies of InAs/GaAs QDs by modeling the properties of more realistic QDs, which have considerable compositional gradients. We have thus calculated the energy level spectrum and properties of excitons of InxGa1-xAs QDs for a variety of composition gradients and Ga fractions and compared the results of the calculations to experimental results previously published by other groups. We have also begun modeling another system Si QDs embedded in a SiO2 matrix, a system that has also been studied extensively, calculating the wave functions, energy levels and exciton recombination energies as a function of QD size. These calculations will provide us with insight into the modifications necessary for applying our theoretical formalism to QDs outside of the III-V family we have previously considered.

Quantum Dots Activities