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Nanotubes Activities
The goal of this subproject is to study fundamental issues that are relevant to novel applications of carbon nanotubes in nanophotonics, nanoplasmonics, quantum communication and quantum information processing technologies. Such applications were not explored before. Theoretical studies performed have identified new family of carbon nanomaterials (hybrid atomically/ion doped carbon nanotubes) with long quantum bit coherence lifetimes. The development of materials that may host quantum coherent states with long coherence lifetimes have been a critical research problem. We have simulated a variety of quantum electromagnetic phenomena, such as atomic spontaneous decay dynamics, light absorption and entanglement of atomic states close to nanotubes, exciton-plasmon interactions on the nanotube surface, with a specific focus on the development of carbon nanotube based tunable optoelectronic device applications. We have also developed rigorous theoretical methods and significantly improved the understanding of the ultrafast electromagnetic processes in confined quantum systems. 

Nanotubes Activities