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Research activities for the NCCU Computational Center are based around the five specific projects:

Project 1: Computer-aided Nanotechnology research in the modeling, design, formation and characterization of novel nanostructured materials and nanodevices;

Project 2: Fine tuning of Nuclear Potentials through low energy experiments and rigorous few-body calculations;

Project 3: Study of hyperon-hyperon, high energy nucleon-nucleon, and Hyperon-Nucleon Interactions;

Project 4: Co-operative Autonomous Mobile Robotic Systems (CAMRS);

Project 5: Geophysical Modeling focused on the three-dimensional velocity and anisotropy of intra-plate seismic zones.

The Center also dedicates resources for further expansion of research topics through funding of additional smaller-scale seed projects that are actively proposed, reviewed and funded as part of regular internal activities of the Center.