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Principal Investigators

Branislav Vlahovic, Principal Investigator and Center Director
Professor, Department of Physics

Dr. Vlahovic serves as the center director and has oversight for daily operations and overall management of center activities. He has a leadership role in grant development and in the establishment of formal collaborations with other research entities, while also maintaining an active role as researcher in center-supported physics projects.

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Alade Tokuta, Co-Principal Investigator and Robotic Systems (Project 4) Principal Investigator
Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Tokuta manages the supercomputing resources that are critical to the success of center research as well as the educational computing resources in the learning center.  He is active in the development of grant proposals and establishing new center collaborations; he manages one of the five original center research projects (Robotics).

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Benjamin Crowe, Co-Principal Investigator and Nuclear Potentials (Project 2) researcher
Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Physics

Dr. Crowe is a member of the center leadership team and serves as primary liaison between the NCCU Department of Physics and the three physics-based center research projects.  He is also an active experimental researcher, responsible for managing the neutron-deuteron nuclear experiment in collaboration with Duke University as part of the Nuclear Potentials research project.

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Marvin Wu, Co-Principal Investigator and Nanotechnology (Project 1) Principal Investigator
Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Dr. Wu has taken a leading role in securing grant funding, including National Science Foundation funding for a scanning electron microscope and Department of Defense funding for production of nanostructures, in support of center research, particularly the original research project (Nanotechnology) for which he has oversight.

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Jasper Harris, Co-Principal Investigator
Professor Emeritus, Department of Environmental, Earth and Geospatial Science, deceased

Dr. Harris served a leadership role in Center outreach and collaboration before his untimely death due to cancer in the fall of 2009.