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Mission Statement

The mission of Academic Budget and Finance (ABF) is to provide assist in the management of the University's state, grant and auxiliary trust funds. The policies and procedures of this office have been designed to assist all University departments in handling their daily financial transactions and to provide a resource to continuing the education. The documentation that are reviewed for approval include information related to the purchasing of goods and services, payroll activities, travel, recommendation for personnel actions and accounting for financial transactions. This website presents policy statements to aid in decision-making and procedure steps for implementation.

The Office of Academic Budget and Finance assist in the management of the University’s state, Grant and auxiliary trust funds. This office work with academic office's on campus to assist in establishing, revising, and maintaining their individual budgets. We work with units to ensure that appropriate FTE and adequate budget is provided for EPA and SPA positions. We serve as a liaison between campus and the Office of the Provost to manage and track all documentation approvals from University state funds budget.

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