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Career Banding

Career Banding is a new human resources classification and compensation system for North Carolina State agencies and universities. It affects the way we classify, hire, pay, promote, evaluate, and provide career development opportunities for employees.

In Career Banding, related groups of graded classes are incorporated into broadly defined classes with a larger pay ranges. Classes fit into a “Class Series.” These Class Series’ represent a full range of related work performed in a field or occupational area (for example, Technology Support). Each is representative of entry level to management level positions.

The North Carolina Office of State Personnel initiated a new Human Resources system throughout state government for a number of reasons:

  • The current system is outdated and overloaded with classes
  • Pay should be based on current market rates to help retain qualified employees
  • Pay should link primarily to demonstrated competencies (job-related skills, knowledge, abilities, and key behaviors)

The competency levels within a pay range are:

  • Contributing: Work requires skills that are not as complex as Journey according to the class guidelines; or, Entry to Fully-Acquired skills
  • Journey: Fully-Acquired skills, and work requires a variety of different skills, program knowledge, and technical skills
  • Advanced: Expert or “senior level” of skills, and work requires leadership, managing confidential information, and handling the most complex tasks described in the guidelines

As a result, the following benefits are expected:

  • Managers will have more flexibility in position design and pay decisions.
  • Employees will be able to move up through the pay range by acquiring and demonstrating new job-related competencies.
  • Career Banding puts more emphasis on recruiting and promoting based on demonstrated competencies, which should enable NCCU to attract and keep more talented employees.
  • Salary decisions shift from job-based to person-based.
  • Career Banding puts greater emphasis on Career Development. Supervisors will be asked to plan career development and training to help you increase your competencies.
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