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Summer School

Students on campus in between classes

WELCOME to the Summer Sessions at North Carolina Central University. Summer is an excellent time to accelerate your studies toward graduation, possibly graduating early. The Summer Sessions are open to all students who are currently enrolled in degree programs either at North Carolina Central University or any other college or university; high school graduates entering college in the fall semester, or individuals interested in personal enrichment and professional advancement (considered visiting students).

Summer sessions offers undergraduate and graduate level courses in either a five- or ten-week session. Classes are on a smaller scale which gives students easier access to faculty and a more relaxed classroom environment for learning. Most classes are offered in the mornings or early afternoon which allows students to work, tackle their studies and still have ample time for an enjoyable summer.


NCCU Students: If you are a current student and were enrolled in the spring semester, YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY. Please report to your academic advisor for instructions and to obtain PIN for registration. 
Readmit NCCU Students: You must be readmitted through the Registrar’s Office and cleared with the Student Health Service. After you have been cleared, you will meet with your academic advisor before you may begin the registration process.

Visiting Students: Visiting students must download and complete the summer school application packet before you are eligible for admittance (see Summer School Application Forms). The application packet consists of:

• Application, Part I – Visiting Students Only Application Form/Data Sheet 
• Application, Part II – Application of North Carolina Residence for Tuition Purposes
• Application, Part III – Approval for Admission as a Visiting Student. All students who attend other colleges and universities must complete Part III which gives them permission to take classes at NCCU. This form must be completed and signed by an authorized official before admission is approved. 
• A non-refundable $40.00 application fee in the form of a money order, cashier’s, personal or bank certified check or cash is acceptable. Please make checks payable to North Carolina Central University.

New NCCU Students: Only admitted students are allowed to take summer school courses. Students must report for placement exams and assigned advisors through the University College before registration for summer school can begin.

Summer School Regulations

General Admission: Acceptance of admissions to North Carolina Central University indicates the student’s willingness to subscribe to the rules and regulations of the university. The University reserves the right to withdraw any student, who does not maintain the required standard of scholarship, or who’s remaining in the University would endanger his own health, the health of others, or whose conduct at any time is not satisfactory to the University.

Student Academic Load: The maximum number of academic credits that a student may enroll in one session is six credit hours. Students desiring to take an overload may obtain written approval from their academic advisor or Dean and the Summer School Director. Students enrolled in the dual session may take more than six hours only with the approval of their advisor. An overload form is available in the Summer School or Registrar’s offices.

Cancellation of Courses: Classes with fewer than (15 undergraduate or 12 graduate) students officially enrolled at the end of the regular registration period are subject to cancellation by the Summer School Office. Cancelled classes will be posted by 10:00AM on the second day of classes in the academic departments, registrars and summer school offices. Students whose classes have been cancelled may register without penalty for other classes until 4:00PM on the day of schedule adjustment.

Class Attendance: A student may incur nor more than three (3) unauthorized absences in a three or four credit hour course and no more than two (2) in a two credit hour course. The calculation of absences will begin the date the student is officially registered in the class. Grades for non-attendance are “NW” or “NF”.

Withdrawal from the University: Students who wish to withdraw from the University for personal, medical, or academic reasons at any time during the summer session must complete the Official Withdrawal Forms located in the Registrar’s office. Students who leave the University without completing the Official Withdrawal Forms will forfeit their eligibility for refunds of tuition and fees. If you are unable to appear in person, you may notify Mr. Willie Hill, Registrar’s Office at (919) 530-7071 or by email at

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you pre-register for summer classes and do not attend, please follow the procedures for dropping classes before or on the first day of class. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DROPPING YOUR OWN CLASSES, OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE CLASS (ES).

Contact Information

Summer Sessions Office 
North Carolina Central University
1801 Fayetteville Street
Room 2048, H.M. Michaux, Jr. School of Education Building
Durham, NC 27707
Voice: 1-877-678-0006
Fax: (919) 530-5220

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